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Smart Dive Computer

- The 5X's integrated computer and sensors work with your iPhone to provide advanced dive computer functionality with an easy to use interface. Multiple diving modes including Air, Nitrox, and Gauge add to its versatility. iGills includes ascent rate indication, nitrogen loading tracking over multiple dives, low time and depth alarms, altitude compensation, and more. As you navigate to other screens to take pictures or video, the most relevant dive parameters like depth and time remaining go with you. All your critical information is always in view... And it's all delivered to you on the beautiful Retina display.

Amphibian Labs | Smart Dive Computer
Amphibian Labs | Camera


- Flip over to the camera with the press of a button and you're ready to shoot. Equipped with your iPhone 5S, 5C or 5 high resolution camera you'll never miss a shot. The camera has fantastic performance from macro to wide angle.


- Nothing brings you back to the moment like video. Capture all of your big animal encounters with amazing HD clarity and detail.

Amphibian Labs | Video
Amphibian Labs | Dive log

Dive Log

- iGills automatically generates a content rich dive log. Before you dive, iGills gets your location. When you hit the water, it creates a dive event, stores your depth profile throughout the dive, and links pictures and videos captured to the dive event. Back at the surface all of your dives are organized and accessed with a touch of the screen.

Seamless Sharing

- Share the same way you share the rest of your digital creations. Media generated with iGills can be synced through iCloud, posted on Facebook, or emailed directly from your phone. With iGills your friends can be enjoying your dive pics before you're even off the boat.

Amphibian Labs | Seamless Sharing
Amphibian Labs | Compass


- Slide in your iPhone5S, 5C or 5 and you've got a digital, gyro stabilized magnetic compass. Unlike traditional compasses there is no need to hold it flat. This one works at nearly any inclination angle. Did we mention the iGills has skills?

Smart Diving

- Say goodbye to clunky user interfaces, tiny black and white screens, download cables, and the 300 page user manual. With the iPhone going amphibian a new diving experience is here - simple, connected, and just amazing.

Amphibian Labs | Smart Diving
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