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1.  When will an iPhone 6 version be released?

While our current 5X supports the newest SE, we will not be releasing an iPhone 6 specific model.

2.  Does my iPhone need a cell service plan to work with iGills? Can I use my old phone?

All features of iGills including GPS dive location work without any cell phone service. iGills will always be a good home for your current iPhone.

3.  Is my phone safe? What about leaks?

Every unit we sell is submersion tested and certified in our hyperbaric chamber prior to leaving the factory.  Housings are constructed from the same material used to make bulletproof glass and all buttons and hardware are marine-grade stainless steel.  All of our components are manufactured to tight tolerances and the highest industry standards.  We maintain rigorous quality controls over each precision component we make.

We know it's your baby.  We'll treat it like it's ours.

4.  How do I control the device without access to the touchscreen?

iGills uses waterproof buttons to navigate within the iGills app. The user interface is very intuitive with icons displayed on each screen to indicate the function of buttons on the panel.

5.  Can I talk on my phone underwater?

Unfortunately no. Wireless signals do not transmit very far underwater. You’ll have your regulator in your mouth anyway.

6.  Can I make emergency calls?

Another great aspect of using your iPhone with iGills is that at the end of the dive, your phone is with you. iGills does not support calls from within the case, but the phone can be removed while on the surface and used normally if an emergency should arise.

7.  How much diving can I do on my phone’s battery?

Our testing has shown 8 to 12 hours of run time on a single charge is common. Heavy use of the camera will reduce battery life.  It is recommended that the iPhone be placed in airplane mode during the dive. This prevents the phone from consuming power searching for a cellular signal.

8.  What is the warranty?

iGills carries a 2 year warranty from the time of purchase.  Coverage details here.

9.  What about returns?

We're confident that once you put your hands on one you'll love it.  But if you're not satisfied for any reason...no worries.  Returns are easy with our 30 day money back guarantee.